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Downloading Quilt Patterns


I admit that I’m not the most computer literate person. I’m old enough to prefer the paper version to reading something on a screen. I still subscribe to a daily newspaper, despite feeling guilty that I’m partially responsible for deforesting the planet.

As a result, I’ve never subscribed to an online quilt magazine. And, until tonight, I had never downloaded a pattern. Instead, I’d wait the week or so for it to arrive by mail.

I have to say that downloading patterns was EASY! I chose three from the Clotilde website and paid for them as usual. On the receipt was a link to the pattern and instructions for entering your password. That was it. They came up on my screen and printed easily. I now have 3 new patterns in my possession.

Obviously, Clotilde is my first attempt at downloading patterns. But it won’t be my last.