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One thing I hate about quilting


I’m sure you all have immaculate sewing rooms and can’t relate to what I’m going to say. But I’ll confess and let you feel superior to me. You’re welcome!

I absolutely HATE when I end up with thread that gets tangled around my foot. It’s starts off as a 2 or 3 inch tail of thread and magically grows to be several feet long. And then I start walking and and hear a bobbin unwinding as I move. Pretty soon I am unknowingly dragging thread throughout the house.

This also happens when I’m cleaning. I’ll get thread caught around one of my treasures and have to do a major untangling before I can move forward. If I was a person who enjoyed puzzles, finding the source of the thread might be fun. I just find it annoying.

Looking around my sewing room, I have thread tails hanging out of two drawers and overhanging from one shelf. Maybe this is a sign I should clean up my sewing room instead of writing a blog post.

Does anybody else have this problem?