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Ricky Tims Super Seminar — Part 2


Over the last few years, I’ve taken dozens of hands-on classes. While I love this way of learning, it is also incredibly inefficient. The teacher lectures for maybe an hour of your six hour class and the rest of the time is spent sewing. Imagine what it would be like to have just the lecture portion — and cover a huge variety of topics — and you have the idea behind the Ricky Tims Super Seminar.

I love that Ricky Tims is a self-taught quilter. As such, he has created several unique styles of quilting (all of which are covered at the seminar). Here’s some of what we learned.

1. Caveman Style Quilts. These quilts are “no rules” quilts that don’t require straight lines or 1/4″ seams.


2. Harmonic Convergence Quilts. This simple technique requires cutting two contrasting fabrics (A and B)  into strips, then sewing them back together in an AB, AB, AB format.


3. Rhapsody Quilts. These were the most complex of Ricky’s quilts (and my daughter’s favorite). Quilts were designed around a center medallion and all four quadrants of the quilt were the same. These quilts were constructed using applique. You can see examples of these quilts by paging through the book listed below:


4. Kaleidoscope Quilts. Remember how cool it was to look through a kaleidoscope when you were a kid? Making these quilts gives the same effect and is equally cool. Ricky offers a complete tutorial on youtube:


5. Machine Applique techniques. All of Ricky’s quilts are done using machine applique. He uses Steam a Seam 2 for fusing and finishes his work with a blanket stitch.

6. Setting in corners and circles. These are neat ideas. I loved his inset corners, which meant that corners are set into a single piece of fabric, rather than made using two pieces of fabric. He also demonstrated how to sew a circle into a circle-shaped hole.

Here is a complete list of topics covered over the ten 90-minute seminars in 2.5 days.