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Christmas Tree Quilt


Christmas tree quilt 1My 20-year-old son was hosting a Christmas party yesterday. That meant two things — my house was clean AND I had to stay out of his way! While the day began with good intentions for me to clean my office and get caught up on my accounting, by dinner time I was done. I needed to sew!

I pulled out some greens from my stash and my Tri Recs ruler set. I used the maximum size (6.5″) to make the trees. For the next step, I will add 1″ by 1″ trunks.

I’m not sure where this project will go next. I’m thinking it will be a wall hanging for above our bed, which means I’ll probably use 8 trees for the width and 4 trees for the height. This will be a fun project for over the holidays and shouldn’t take me too long to finish.

Christmas tree quilt 2

Little Twisters Christmas Tree #2


Here is my second Christmas Tree using the Little Twisters tool. As you can see, I used a black background to offset the metallics from the charm pack.

This was my second tree using the Little Twisters tool. (You can see my first tree on my November 28th post.) So I got a little smarter!

The first thing I did was pay attention to color. Rather than randomly spacing the 5 inch squares, I arranged them strategically from light (on top) to dark (on bottom). It gives a water color effect to the quilt that I really like.

My second change was to pay more attention to the borders. Once again, I hunted through my stash to find a fabric that would help showcase the tree. No luck. It is VERY hard to find a fabric that matches the 50 colors in the tree. Finally I settled on continuing the black background into the border and I think it’s very effective.

The last change I made was in the size of the quilt. In my first quilt, I added a 3 inch border and was happy. This time I aimed to achieve a more pleasing ratio of 3:4 (width to height) and made my bottom borders wider than my side borders.

As with my last tree, I really wanted to use some embellishments. I tried to use the strings of miniature lights I got at Joann Fabrics, but they got lost with the pattern of the tree. I also had some small red velvet bows, which surprisingly also looked terrible. I ended up leaving off any embellishments and I think that makes it a stronger piece.

Once again, I quilted the tree using feathers. I used a variegated Signature thread called “Shadow” on the black and quilted a freestyle swirl to represent snow. This quilt is absolutely stunning, if I do say so myself!

Beginning layout for Christmas tree quilt -- note the attention to color

Finished Christmas Tree

Little Twisters Christmas Tree #1


Here’s my first completed project using the Little Twisters tool. I’m very pleased with the results. I quilted the tree using large feathers, and did small feathers in the stem and star. The white part surrounding the tree is freestyle quilting in a circular pattern to represent wind and snow.

I’m not sure if you can see from the photo, but the border was quilted using vertical lines (usually called piano keys). I’d love to say that this was a style choice, but the real reason was that I didn’t measure my borders and ended up with a lot of fullness that I had to contain. (See my post on November 23rd for info on properly applying borders.)

It was harder than I thought to pick an outer border. I tried almost a dozen fabrics that were in my stash and this green looked the best. Next time, I’ll put some thought into the border before I make the tree.

I’d also planned to heavily embellish this. I’d bought miniature strings of lights and tree decorations at Joann’s Fabric and was excited to decorate my tree. The decorations got lost on the busy fabric and I decided to let the fabric stand for itself. Although I love embellishments on an art quilt, it is very easy to overdo them.

You can see directions for this project in my Nov. 18th post.