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The Modern Quilt Movement and Me


I’m excited to report that I am apparently a quilting pioneer! The Modern Quilt movement is upon us and this quilt fits right in. Modern quilts are pieced quilts that tend to use monochromatic fabrics, large blocks, and a modern design. While the definition is a bit murky, you can be sure you won’t see any Baltimore Albums or Double Wedding Rings in this category.

Shortly after I started quilting, I was exceedingly proud to have mastered half-square triangles. At the same time, one of the online stores had a smoking clearance on layer cakes.  (If I recall correctly, they were 70% off and cost $2.99.) I stocked up and made this quilt top. Given my novice quilting skills, this quilt took a lot of design, but I was kind of embarrassed about how ugly the finished product looked.

Fast forward more than 2 years and I am on a quest to finish 3 charity quilts this month. I pulled this out of the plastic bin containing my unfinished quilt tops. I was kinda shocked when I realized how much it looked like some of the modern quilts I’ve seen. I was even more shocked that my family, generally my harshest critics, said that “it really wasn’t as bad as some of my other work.” Apparently I was just ahead of my time with my design skills!

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