Random Block Christmas Quilt


Random block Christmas quiltThis was an easy and fun quilt. (Just like they’re all supposed to be!) And it was made entirely from my stash.

I had a jelly roll of Moda Christmas fabric and a jelly roll of Kona winter white cotton. I sewed a strip of Christmas fabric to a strip of white, then cut them into 2.5 inch pieces.

Because the colors were so random, I knew that it would take me forever to design the quilt. So I threw all of the pieces into a pillowcase and pulled them out one at a time. I sewed the 2-patches into 4-patches and threw the completed 4-patches back into the pillowcase. I kept sewing patches together until the quilt was finished. As a result, the design of the quilt was totally random. I used white thread and quilted it in a simple meandering pattern.

Overall I think the quilt looks beautiful and has a very fresh and youthful design. And I loved that I didn’t stress over the design!




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