The dreaded phonecall


TKE2Those of you who have kids in college will remember the dreaded phone call. You know the one: “Mom, I want to join a fraternity.”

In our house, the call came a few months ago.

I admit that I didn’t know a whole lot about fraternities, especially since I grew up in Canada and they weren’t that popular. I had, however, watched many movies such as “Animal House” and knew that “fraternity” was synonymous with “excessive drinking.”

I was also very aware of the hazing process. My son took that in stride. “Don’t worry, mom,” he told me. “We had a kid die during the hazing process a few years ago, so my school is very strict about hazing.” That did NOT make me feel better, especially after I did some research and found out how that poor child suffered.

It’s now six months later and, although I can’t say that I love the Greek system, I admit that they provide a lot of great leadership opportunities and do some mighty fine charity work. My son is extremely happy with his new “brothers” and busy volunteering at community events. (I’m sure there’s some partying that’s going on too.)  The organization does seem to be well-run and I’ve gotten over my fears.

All this is a lead-up to my latest quilt project — a fraternity banner. I designed it, but it’s based on the fraternity flag for “Tau Kappa Epsilon.” I actually think that it looks very cool and my son is excited to hang it on the wall in his dorm.


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