It’s beginning to look a lot like more winter


On Saturday, as I was quilting this Christmas quilt, it was 50 degrees outside and the first day in months that it felt winter was behind us. I had planned to write a cute post about my unseasonal quilting and how much I felt like working on a quilt that was Spring-themed.

Thankfully, when I got up this morning, it had started snowing again. So I guess my post is now timely, at least here in the Northeast.

This quilt was made using a Moda charm pack for the center. The outside of the squares is made from a layer cake, which I cut into 2.5″ strips. I’m pretty sure that I saw the design somewhere, but I have no idea who made the original quilt and I apologize for copying them without giving them credit.

I was struggling to know what color thread to use on this. I settled on a sage green and it blended beautifully into the front and back of the quilt. I used simple, loopy freestyle quilting to add some texture. Clearly my dogs thought that I did a good job!



Lancelot (facing camera) and Guinevere enjoying Christmas quilt


I loved this backing! The colors matched beautifully and it was also very contemporary.


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