Not according to plan …

Sampler quilt 1

My unfinished sampler quilt!

I have a love-hate relationship with sampler quilts.

I love samplers because it’s a way to develop my skills and try some new techniques. Plus it’s always very fun getting a new pattern and some fabric in the mail!

The downside is when I don’t do the blocks for almost a year and screw up, then recognize it’s too late to contact the shop for more fabric. I think that its some kind of quilting law that you have to do this at least once in a Sampler Quilt. Yesterday was my day.

I’d be planning to finish this quilt for awhile. It was a block of the week from Summer 2013, created by Stitchin’ Heaven Quilt Shop in Texas. My first big problem was that the remaining four blocks require Tri Recs acrylic templates to make the triangles. I knew that I’d purchased these at least twice (probably three times) and could not find a single set in my sewing room. Over the weekend, I was determined to hunt ’em down and finally found two sets in the drawer under my cutting table.

I love the color of the blocks. The instructions are wonderfully clear and I’ve enjoyed making them. However, I don’t like the directions for half-square triangles. They recommend cutting squares in half on the diagonal, thus creating two right-angle triangles, and then sewing the longest sides together. I prefer to create half-square triangles by sewing two squares together and then cutting them apart along the diagonal. As a result, I make my squares a little bit larger then the instructions suggest and am always mucking around with the directions. The short story is that I screwed up and cut some of the blocks two small.

Although I have a hefty stash, of course I didn’t have any equivalent fabric, so knew I couldn’t complete one of the blocks. I was so frustrated that I decided to change course and do some computer work instead of sewing. So much for my plan to finish the blocks and show them off in today’s blog!


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