A Fun, Frozen Day!


Yesterday was yet another snow day on Long Island. I decided to treat myself a “Sew Day” and spend the day quilting. When I checked Facebook at lunch, there was a post by awesome quilter Kim Brunner — AND IT FEATURED MY DAUGHTER!!!! I was incredibly surprised to discover that she was featured on BuzzFeed


Daughter Angela in her Elsa costume from “Frozen.”

I have to say that her costume was worthy of being publicized. It took her more than 250 hours to make and has 100,000+ rhinestones. I can also say (as her proud mother) that I thought her makeup and wig styling were flawless.

Although most of the comments are positive, the negatives focus on the lousy photos. It will be no surprise to my readers that I am the lousy photographer! What people didn’t realize was that the photos were taken the morning following an ice storm. The roads were basically closed. Even if we had hired a photographer, they wouldn’t have been able to make it to the shoot. It’s a shame that she was stuck with me, because a professional photographer and some additional lighting would have made a huge difference.


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