NYC Garment District Tour with Mark Lipinski


Last weekend was Quilters Take Manhattan, which started with a tour of three quilt fabric companies in New York City. Our tour guide was the amazing Mark Lipinski, who I have long admired as a quilter, TV host, and editor of the now-defunct Quilter’s Home magazine. I have followed Mark’s work for many years, and he was exactly as I expected — warm, friendly, and opinionated! Mark has amazingly diverse experience as a quilter, fabric designer, media host and publisher, so he had some amazing comments and insights.

Our tour stops were Red Rooster, Quilting Treasures, and Michael Miller. All three companies were impressive with their offerings, enthusiasm, and willingness to answer our questions. We saw their 2014 fabrics, some of which had not yet been seen by their salespeople. Enjoy the tour!

Red Rooster

Red Rooster 1

Boardroom presentation at Red Rooster Fabrics. (Note Mark Lipinski in the yellow sweater)

Red Rooster 2

Red Rooster’s boardroom table runner. Fabric will be released in 2014.

Red Rooster 4

Our gift from Red Rooster! Thank you!

Quilting Treasures

Timeless Treasures 1

Presentation of artist sketches at Quilting Treasures.

Timeless Treasures 2

More artwork! So interesting to see how this was developed into fabric.

Timeless Treasures 3

Office space at Quilting Treasures. Even the professionals don’t have enough storage for fabric.

Timeless Treasures 4

A gift from Quilting Treasures. A beautiful cosmetic bag with my favorite — black and white fabric! Thanks!

Michael Miller

Michael Miller 2

The presentation at Michael Miller. Amazing, contemporary fabrics!

Michael Miller 3

Michael Miller open concept offices.

Michael Miller 4

Michael Miller’s awards for “Best Booth” at Quilt Market.

Michael Miller 5

We got to choose a fat quarter pack from Michael Miller. Love their fabrics! Thank you Michael Miller!


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