Stepping into Fall


I love Labor Day. To me — more than New Year’s Day — it marks a new beginning. This feeling will always be tied to the school calendar with new clothing, new school supplies, new teachers, and a new curriculum. Most of my activities stop for the summer and I am always ready to return to a busier schedule in September.

In the course of looking ahead, I have been re-evaluating this blog. It is tough for me to write about my quilting adventures when I haven’t been quilting. Over the summer, I went to one workshop (my first one in over a year), one national show (also my first in a year)  and put together six blocks. I don’t feel, at this point, that I have enough quilt notes to share on a weekly basis.

My plan is to blog sporadically as I enjoy events and complete projects.  My guild starts next week and I’m planning to attend an applique workshop in late September. I will keep everyone posted. In the meantime, have a fabulous Fall and please take time to quilt!


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