I’m organized!


It’s fabulous to be writing a post about having a somewhat organized sewing room, since I’ve been very open about how challenging this is for me. I’ve been working away at getting organized, but one of my issues was my large collection of rulers. They are big and bulky. Last week I had a moment of brilliance — buy a pegboard!

I got these two pegboards at amazon.com. You can view them here. They were awesome and my husband installed them for me. I added the hooks. Voila! Admittedly,  looks like the ruler portion of my local quilt shop. However my rulers are visible and off the floor. I love it!

Okay … next step. I want the rest of my life to be like this too!

Pegboard 1

Pegboard 2


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  1. Good one. I am a great fan of pegboards! So was my sister til she got some new furniture and wanted to move it. Next door neighbor had used dyna bolts so made a horrible mess of the wall when she moved it.

  2. You are so right. Pegboards are awesome by they totally mess up the wall. My wall is already messed up because of the quilt hangers hung along one edge … there will definitely be some major repairs needed in the future.

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