Making a List & Checking It Twice


I am the Queen of Forgetting Stuff for classes. I have forgotten my machine’s power cord, thread, and my 1/4″ foot. I have brought the wrong fabric and the wrong rulers. When I was attending several days worth of classes at a convention, I always missed at least one thing on my list. The worst was the class about quilting as you go, when I forgot to bring batting.

Last week I attended my first class in more than a year. I was more nervous than usual I would forget something. So I set up my machine on the kitchen table, threaded it, and even made sure I had a power bar. Then I put everything in my rolling case.

The best part was that I made a list. I included everything — my rotary mat, iron, thread stand, rulers, pins … You get the idea. When I got in the car, I realized I needed to add bottled water to the list.

The result? For the first time ever, I went to a class and had everything I needed. However the list is now buried under papers on my kitchen table … so I will need to find it and input it into my computer.


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