Out of my comfort zone …


I’ve spent more than a month reorganizing our home. It has been a long, time-consuming process. My quilting supplies have been buried under boxes. All my spare minutes seem to have been spent moving, purging and organizing most of our belongings. (The fact that we have way too much stuff is the subject of a future post!) Yesterday we had a party, which is always an incentive to clean up, and there’s still a few piles hidden away in my office to be organized. I’d say I’m 95 percent finished!

It’s been hard to blog with so little going on. So I shook things up a bit! On Saturday, I went skydiving! There’s nothing like jumping out of a moving aircraft at 13,500 feet to get the adrenaline moving and change your perspective on life!

I’ve had some big changes in my life over the last few months. I’ve shut down my quilting business, launched a blogging business, recovered from major surgery, had my youngest graduate from homeschooling, and done a major home cleanup. Overcoming my fear of skydiving seemed like a great metaphor — that I should live without fear — as I move into the future.

Here are a few photos of my skydiving adventure!


Up in the sky!


We jumped out of the plane at 13,500 feet.


Getting ready to land.


Not the most graceful landing, but it worked.


Reuniting with my son, who also survived his first jump!



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