Getting Organized?


Last week, I shared that we had moved my longarm out of our home’s living room and into the basement. During the week, my husband surprised me by hanging up florescent lights, so the area is no longer lit with a single bulb. It is pretty functional and I am happy.

longarm blog post

My longarm in its new basement home.

Our next step was to move the contents of my home office/fabric storage area from our home’s dining room into the living room. I am still trying to figure out how I decided that all of my fabric, books and office supplies would fit in one room — especially since I was lost some of my storage. On Saturday, I was pretty much paralyzed with anxiety as I tried to figure out how the heck to organize my new space. I guess sleeping on it worked — because Sunday I woke up with ideas and the desire to start purging and organizing.

Hopefully next week I’ll post photos of my finished office. Well … maybe the week after … or at the end of the month. I’m sure it will take longer than I think. Nevertheless, I am making progress and excited about having everything organized and put away.

Office 2

My office on Saturday morning.


More office photos, showing my attempt to consolidate 2 rooms.


Do I need to explain why I was overwhelmed?


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  1. Oh boy – seeing your office in disarray would definitely be a Xanax moment for me. BUT, you do get to set up your new “studio” with all new ideas, storage places, etc. Can you hang shelves in the basement? As I am an “uber” organized neat freak when it comes to my sewing area, I would be drawing out the placement of everything on graph paper before I moved anything. Easier on the body than moving furniture over and over again. Good luck to you on your new adventure. Can’t wait to see pics of your new area.

    • I actually graphed out all the furniture, but didn’t decide what would be stored where. And then of course I realized I had too much stuff. I’ll be excited to share when I’m done.

  2. PS. You are going to love the fluorescent lights! I have two 48″ lights in my sewing room and my friends call it the “operating room” – so bright.

  3. Oh gosh! No wonder you felt overwhelmed. My basement looked similar, but we had a flood and moved everything over to one side to protect it! Putting everything back in an organized manner was difficult, and has become ongoing!!!LOL. Good luck to you. You will eventually love it.

    • I can imagine a flood being overwhelming. Funny story is that my sister thought that my office looked a lot like her daughter’s bedroom — except my office would be cleaned up in the near future. Thanks for the encouragement.

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