Encouragement and Resolutions


Followers of my blog know that I haven’t been doing much quilting lately. My reasons are a combination of being busy (traveling, organizing my house, starting a new business, and getting ready for a garage sale), laziness, and a lack of excitement about quilting. I felt like I’d lost my passion. It seemed easier to plunk myself in front of the TV instead of sitting down in front of my sewing machine.

I am happy to report that my slump is over. I attended the Empire Quilt Guild meeting in NYC on Saturday. Our speaker was Karen Eckmeier and she was excellent. She had such passion for quilting and her enthusiasm was contagious. I stopped by my favorite quilt store, City Quilter, and bought some new fabrics. During my 2 hour commute home, I vowed that I was going to spend some time quilting every day … even if it’s only a few minutes. When I got home I ignored the television; instead I did some cutting and piecing.

Yesterday I volunteered at the Eastern Long Island Quilt Guild’s annual show. I had lots of time to chat with fellow quilters, including a friend who is my quilt-every-day inspiration. She has quilted daily for several years, despite a very busy job and family obligations. In talking to quilters at the show, I learned that several people make time for daily quilting. They recognize the importance of carving out daily time for creativity and relaxation.

I am a happier person when I quilt. So I vowed that I am going to make quilting a daily practice. Last night I spent a bit of quilting time while dinner was in the oven. I’ve made a bit of progress on a new quilt and can feel my quilt creativity start to flow.


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  1. Thank you for your blog, i enjoy what you write and i have from time to time worked on quilting projects every day, even if for a few minutes and it always made me feel better, I am once again getting back to that everyday thing after reading your blog thank you

  2. Thank you fellow Long Islander for your blog. I too am in a quilting slump for various reasons and I too attended this weekend’s quilt show in Riverhead. Beautiful quilts – unbelievable machine quilting! I do “sew” daily as I hand piece but as far as quilting goes, I think I am overwhelmed with the number of UFOs I have to be quilted – at least 7.. I need to “just finish them” and not wait for the perfect inspiration. I will try to remember “done is better than perfect.” Happy Quilting.

    • Thanks for your comments. I too have a lot of UFO’s but purchased new fabric this weekend at both the ELIQG show and City Quilter. New fabric helped to get out of the slump. I think that the “gotta finish these UFO” attitude does contribute to a quilting slump. If we were excited about the projects, we probably would have already finished them! So we end of feeling guilty and doing nothing. I have also seen many lovely UFO tops donated as charity quilts; that gets them out of the house and passes on the beauty to a deserving individual. Good luck!

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