It feels so good to be using my desktop computer again after 2 weeks in hotel rooms. I am back from my week at Quilt Market in Portland, Oregon, followed 1.5 days later by a week in Ontario, Canada visiting family. It was the first time that my kids (now 16 & 18) had seen all their cousins in several years. It was also a privilege for me to spend traveling time — approximately 30 hours of driving — alone with my children, who seem to be growing up way too quickly. For the record, however, I must admit that the trip was not without conflict, as they were less than excited about the three of us sharing a hotel room!

We got home on Wednesday afternoon, just in time for me to attend the local quilt guild executive meeting. I spent the next two days preparing for our first ever garage sale, in 80 degree weather with 80% humidity, made worse by the sun beating through our garage door. It was a great deal of work and I doubt I will do it again. However our neighbor kindly organized a multi-family garage sale and I figured it was a good time to unload some of our extra furniture. Thus I spent Saturday and yesterday sitting on our driveway while strangers pawed through our belongings. In the end, I must admit that it felt great to have a cleaner basement and a bit of extra spending money.

This weekend is our annual guild quilt show. I thought I was completely ready for it, until a kindly lady at our guild emailed me to say that my member challenge quilt was 1.5″ too long. Apparently I got caught up in the design process and forgot about dimensions. I ended up hacking off the borders and re-binding it. I’d also underestimated the time it took to bind and add sleeves to both my quilts. And I spent a bit of time with a Sharpie marker hiding some of the less-than-perfect tension on the back of my quilt.

This week is a busy one with the guild show, plus several extra obligations. However I am grateful to be busy and participating in activities that I enjoy.


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