Cleaning, tidying, purging …


I’m fortunate to speak regularly with a small group of quilters from across the U.S. The theme this year seems to be cleaning and purging. Two of the ladies did amazing office cleanups and the other two are in the process of moving.

It’s been very motivating to listen to these friends talk about downsizing their stash and giving away what they don’t need. Someday, I will get there. (I might even consider letting go of my rubber stamp collection and my scrapbooking tools!) However this weekend I started on a less emotionally charged path, by cleaning out my closet and giving away clothes that no longer fit.

When we moved to Long Island six years ago, my husband and I left a master suite with a super-sized 8 ft by 11 ft closet ( with generous built-in shelving) for a much smaller  4 ft by 6 ft master closet with a single clothing rack. To make it worse, we moved from the Phoenix desert (where it all we had were warm-weather clothes) to New York (where we have four seasons, including that pesky winter that demands bulky coats and snow boots).  So far we’ve had six miserable years with inadequate closet space.

Not any more. Thanks to a recent weight loss, I have virtually nothing that fits. Yesterday I filled 10 grocery bags worth of clothing for charity, and another 4 trash bags full of clothes that nobody else would want. How great it feels to have closet space for clothes that actually fit me!

My friends have been telling me that the purging process is very freeing. I think I have a glimpse of what they mean.



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