Quilting for Mental Health


Like many of my friends, I spent much of last week glued to news reports of the sad events at the Boston Marathon. That coverage (on the East coast anyway) eclipsed the horrendous fertilizer fire in Texas, which was a tragedy of a different sort. This morning I’ve put together another packet of information for the IRS, trying to prove that we actually did pay tuition for my son in 2010, because apparently the college’s documents are insufficient.

All of this adds up to stress. I don’t know of anyone who complains that they are lacking stress in their life.

That’s why hobbies are important and I feel so strongly about quilting. I spent yesterday in my sewing room working on a challenge for our local quilt show. I was immersed in creative designs and wonderful fabrics. I was focused, not watching TV, and came away feeling great about myself. For a few hours, I wasn’t worried about terrorism or taxes.

I think that beauty is one of the anecdotes to evil. Our quilts provide joy, comfort and beauty. They make people feel good. The act of creating makes us feel good. There is little that one person can do to heal the world, but I believe that the combined efforts of loving hearts and creative hands can reduce stress, as well as bring some element of peace to our homes and communities.


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