Always more to learn!


One thing I like about quilting is that I know how to do it. I’ve mastered the 1/4″ seam and mostly sew straight lines. I understand how to use the rotary cutter and know how to use my sewing machine. So when I decide to make a new pattern, I’ve already mastered most of the skills and can enjoy the challenge of the 5 percent of the project that is new to me. Quilting is relaxing and fun.

I had the total opposite experience this weekend trying to learn Photoshop (a software package). Actually, I didn’t want to take time to learn it … I just wanted to create a banner for my blog. I hadn’t used Photoshop before and wasn’t familiar with the software or most of the terms. EVERYTHING was unfamiliar and I was incredibly frustrated. Finally I decided to beg my daughter for help and put “Learn Photoshop” on my to-do list.

The Photoshop experience made me realize how important quilting is to me. It’s hands-on. It involves touching and feeling and creating something real. It’s such a needed change from my work day, which now revolves around a computer and a cell phone.

The weekend also reminded me how long it takes to learn the basics — and how frustrating that period is. I know that I’ll eventually arrive at a point of competency with Photoshop. But, quite honestly, I’d rather be quilting.



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