Home Sweet Home


I am writing this post from my parent’s house in Canada. I drove up a few days ago from my home in Long Island, NY to attend my mother-in-law’s surprise 75th birthday party. She was happily surprised and I got to meet her wonderful group of friends.

The trip through upstate New York was so snowy that I didn’t take the time to stop at my favorite quilting stores. Yes, that shows how terrible the weather was.

On Saturday, I continued north to my parent’s house. I had some of my siblings visit yesterday, but overall it’s been pretty quiet. My mom is taking me to her quilt guild this afternoon.

I’ve been suffering from insomnia and other sleep issues for many, many months. I am amazed how well I’ve been sleeping in my parent’s home. I think it’s the combination of good Canadian air, a total lack of stress, and not sharing a bed with 2 or 3 dogs and a night-owl husband. It will be back to reality tomorrow as I begin driving back to Long Island, to my real home with all its activity and responsibilities.



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