The closest thing to a quilting bee …


Quilters are generous people. This was certainly obvious to me on Saturday, when I attended Empire Quilt Guild’s annual Charity Work Day. Dozens of women (and a couple of men) came prepared to cut, sew, layer and tie dozens of beautiful quilt tops. Add this to the generous souls who donated these beautiful tops.

I had only ever tied one quilt. It was the first quilt I ever made, back in 8th grade. It was tied using wool, and the first quilt we tied on Saturday was also tied using wool. This is the hard way! We did our next quilt using embroidery floss that glided through the fabric much more easily.

In the days of hand quilting, quilting was a very social endeavor. Now that we use machines, we mostly quilt at home with just a TV or radio as company. I found it really enjoyable to sit and chat while working. It also feels good to know that many beautiful quilts are finished and on their way to deserving homes.


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