From Business to Hobby


It’s all about balance!

As I’ve discussed in previous blogs, I had to shut down my longarming business because it aggravated my neck injury. I made the decision back in December and have finally finished all the paperwork needed to close my business. I have moved on and am in the process of starting a new endeavor writing for small businesses that need content for social media.

Starting a new business is a lot of work. Although I have the benefit of having run previous businesses, I still need to create my website and promotional materials, as well figure out some accounting and invoicing systems. It could be a 24/7 endeavor if I let it.

That’s why I loved my quilt business. Quilting was my passion.  Keeping up-to-date was necessary, as was improving my sewing and quilting skills. So, even though I was technically working, it usually didn’t feel like it. A trip to a quilt show or browsing through a magazine was technically work, even though it didn’t feel like it.

I’ve spent the last week decluttering my sewing room. I’ve moved my sewing machine into the longarm studio. I’ve traded bookshelves full of quilt books for a lateral file cabinet. I’ve replaced my sewing machine desk (with a cutout for my machine) with a real desk. I’m on my way to creating a space that works for a writer.

I must admit that I’m having a hard time transitioning from quilting as my full-time business to a part-time hobby. I loved being able to quilt every day and being incredibly productive. Instead of making a quilt a week, over the last 10 weeks I’ve made one block (for a block of the month) and cut out about 1,500 squares for a watercolor quilt.

I recognize that living a full life is all about balance. I hope that I can make it work. My next step is to designate work hours and leave myself free time for quilting. At the very least, I am going to consider future Sundays as my quilting day.


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