Sewing Room Cleanup Time


No, this isn’t my office … but this is sure what it feels like!

It’s been an odd few weeks. Several of my friends are busy cleaning out their sewing rooms and reinvigorating their workspaces. And almost every one of my sewing friends has said they are planning on using up their fabric stash instead of buying more. I’m surrounded by people who are making great headway on their cleaning and changing their quilting spaces.

This has lead to some interesting discussions. Exactly what should we do with the UFOs that fill our sewing rooms? What about the fabric that no longer appeals to us? Or maybe the boxes of rubber stamps cluttering up our office from our scrapbooking days, when we know in our hearts that they will never be used? Oh … and then there’s a pile of block of the month squares that never got made into sampler quilts.

I am guilty of all of the above “sins.” My own fabric tastes have evolved from novelty fabric to solids and tone-on-tones, yet I have plastic bins full of neatly-labeled novelty fabric filling my office. I have two wooden cabinets of rubber stamps. And, not only do I have my own UFO’s, but I also have a bunch of quilt tops that I purchased on eBay for longarm practice, but never got around to using.

It’s a little late for a new year’s resolution, but my goal this year is to purge what I’m not using. I plan to use a combination of selling on eBay, donating to local guilds, and donating to organizations that need craft supplies. I will feel good about myself. And I will have space to breathe and create.

Many of you know that I homeschooled my kids. A popular topic among homeschool moms was the fact that kids started a project but never finished it. Then a wise mother told me that “maybe your child’s gotten everything they need out of that project.” I realized that learning can happen without finishing something. And that some projects really don’t need to be finished.

Our local guild is using orphan blocks as a fundraiser, so I will be making a donation to them. I will also likely finish off my eBay-purchased quilt tops for charity. And I will try to go through my office (including a large stash of magazines) and see if they need to be kept, or if they’ve already served their purpose.

I will keep you posted. I’m not sure that I will ever have a truly neat and organized sewing room, but I know that I can make big improvements.


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  1. I don’t know if you do Facebook or not, but I am part of a page there called “fabric crafters U bid destash”. It’s a bunch of quilting, sewing and crafting people who sell things. Target audience without paying to many fees!! And meet a bunch of people from all over with lots of neat ideas!!

  2. Sue, I haven’t started on my craft room (too scary a prospect) but when I got back into quilting after a long absence about six months ago, the first thing I did was go through my stash. I wanted to limit my stash to a specific size/space and that meant getting rid of fabric I didn’t want or knew I wouldn’t use. I was ruthless, and by the time I finished, I had 125 fat quarters!! That I didn’t want!! Where did they all come from!?! I decided I couldn’t be bothered with trying to sell them, it would just be more delay. So I split them into 5 piles and sent 25 FQ’s each to 5 different groups who made charity quilts – premmies, elder facilities, kids wards, palative care etc. Much better to give away than just keep for someday!! Now to do the craft room….

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