Surviving Nemo


I’ve lived on the planet for (slightly) more than half a century. Until 6 months ago, I’d never lived anywhere that had been named a federal disaster area. Now it’s happened twice. The first time was with Hurricane Sandy, which devastated Long Island. This weekend, it was Winter Storm Nemo that dropped a record 30″ of snow on Eastern Long Island. My town — Brookhaven — was once again declared a disaster area.

While my family was safe and warm, the snow and winds were frightening. We had a large tree branch fall due to the weight of the snow, and another branch is hanging by a thread. There were so many abandoned cars that plows had a difficult time getting to side roads and, when they did, many were getting stuck due to the depth of the snow. The Long Island Expressway was closed for an unprecedented two days for snow removal.

Many of my friends took this as a chance to quilt. Personally, I find it difficult to do very much during these storms. They generate a large amount of anxiety as I’m trying to figure out when (or if) we will be able to leave the house, and whether any more trees are going to fall in our backyard.

My daughter is a costume designer and recently made a stylized Canadian Mountie costume. The storm provided the perfect scenery for a photo shoot. She was standing on a wooden platform so that she didn’t sink into the snow. In the background, you can see our beautiful backyard.


My daughter in her Canadian Mountie costume. (Yes, she designed and sewed the costume.)


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  1. Her costume is great! And I certainly understand your anxieties during a storm, I find myself unable to settle down during loud, noisy, threatening storms! Hope all has turned out well. Micki

      • I’m glad to hear there’s another person who gets anxious in storms. I felt like I was the only one and felt guilty that I wasn’t more productive. Thanks for the nice comment about my daughter’s costume. She is pretty amazing.

    • It’s so nice to know that other people feel the same way about storms! Thanks for the compliment on my daughter’s costume. She has dual Canada/US citizenship so the mountie has special meaning.

  2. As a child I asked my mother why people live where there is thread of earthquakes, she told me you just have to pick what you can live with because there is no getting away from natural disasters. Your daughter did a wonderful job on her latest costume. I adore the platform idea, it worked out perfectly.

    • It’s funny you should say that, because I love the west coast but am terrified of earthquakes. Yet snow and hurricanes have turned out to be just as disruptive. Thanks for the comment on my daughter’s costume.

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