Great Expectations


As I mentioned last week, I had some major abdominal surgery on January 7th. While I am recovering well, it is never fast enough. Prior to surgery, I’d decided that I would only need a week to fully recover. Surprisingly, my body has had other plans.

This reminds me of when my friends would go on maternity leave. They figured they’d have six (or eight) weeks with nothing to do except take care of their new baby, so they planned to supplement their free time with learning another language, reorganizing the basement, and finally getting caught up on their reading. Those of us who already had kids would just smile, knowing that the mother would be exhausted and barely have time to shower. But we let them have their illusions.

That’s what I feel like now. I was looking at my post-surgical time as a nice little vacation, with time to get caught up on my book keeping and getting my taxes done. Not to mention doing some cool quilt projects and some business planning. Let’s just say that planning is wonderful, but — in hindsight — I was a little too ambitious. The reality is that I’ve spent a lot of time reading and watching TV. No quilting, no book keeping, no taxes.

To all my readers in the United States — have a happy Martin Luther King Day. And don’t forget to dream.


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  1. I hope you feel better each day! I too have been in that place, and it is frustrating. But as my daughter says to me, ” it is what it is” ! So just enjoy the process and catch up on resting and reading– the busy time will come soon enough! Micki

  2. Sometimes physical incapacity gives us wonderful opportunities to dream. Glad to hear your recovery is progressing albeit more slowly than you had anticipated.

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