Surgery and Recovery


Happy New Year everyone!

I am back blogging after a few weeks off. While I had planned to have an ultra-productive few weeks and have lots of new projects to share with you, the reality is a little different. One week ago I had some major abdominal surgery. While this was scheduled and not life-threatening, it has certainly weighed on my mind the last few weeks. And, I discovered, it is really hard to feel creative when you are worried and scared. So I actually haven’t touched my sewing machine in more than a month, which is extremely unusual for somebody who got a little crazy after 24 hours without quilting.

The surgery went well and I am home recovering. Everything considered, I am feeling pretty good.

I do have one piece of advice — do not schedule surgery during a flu epidemic, when hospitals are at 130% capacity.  I spent 3 days in the hospital and it was tough seeing the nurses with so many patients and responsibilities. I have five more weeks with minimal lifting, so we’ll see what the near future holds.

I will probably blog sporadically until I’m back into the swing of things.

Stay healthy!


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