My not-so-great hand made Christmas ornaments


This is the time of year when I am, like everyone else, really busy. So I’m not sure why I decided it would be fun to make hand-made ornaments for all the people (such my hairdresser, allergy shot nurses, etc.) that I normally give small gifts at Christmas.

There is something about December that makes me  forget that I am NOT Martha Stewart. When my husband and I first met in 1984, we decided to make Christmas cookies for all of our friends. I had recipes and decorations, and we set up a virtual bakery in our tiny bachelor apartment. It took “decorating” about four sugar cookies for me to recognize that I had no patience for this kind of work. For the rest of the day, I baked and my husband decorated cookies with engineering precision.

I guess my memory has faded, because this year I decided to make Christmas ornaments. I found the folding and pinning of squares (to the foam balls) to be very relaxing and a great project for in front of the TV. Each ball took maybe an hour to make and took (I’m guessing) 150 pins. By the time you add up the cost of the 3″ foam balls (about $1 each) and the pins ($2 or $3) and the fabric ($2), it is not a super-cheap gift. Plus it took me two trips to Joann Fabrics for more supplies.

I actually enjoyed making the ornamants, except using the glue gun to attach the final ribbons. I’ve never used a glue gun before, and I found it difficult to attach the ribbon around the raw edges. Plus I got hot glue on my acrylic fingernails, which is ironic since one of the balls is for my manicurist.

You can learn how to make these decorations by watching this youtube video.


The ornament on the left is the one described in the video; I have not yet attached ribbon. The ornament on the right is made be only attaching 8 of the 16 middle and outside squares of fabric. My family liked these better because they were simpler to do.


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