Do you have enough quilt fabric?


“Tis the season for quilt guild parties and gift baskets that contain fabric. At a party last week, there were close to 100 gift baskets. We placed our raffle tickets in a nearby plastic bag — then the winner of each basket was chosen. Each of the ladies at my table (except me) won at least 2 baskets. I didn’t win any. I felt like the kid who was not picked for a sports team!

I was trying to convince myself that the oversight of the Quilting Gods was due to the fact my sewing room is already stuffed. My rational mind told me that I really didn’t need any more fabric. But the truth is that every quilter loves fabric … especially if it’s free — even if we have no idea where to put it!

In the spirit of the season, I’ve included an instructional video on 100 ways to hide your stash by the singing quilter, Cathy Miller. I hope you can put these tips to good use!

100 Ways to Hide Your Stash


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