Meeting the Inventor of Misty Fuse


Iris demonstrates Misty Fuse

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to visit Dye-Namix studio in New York City. During that visit, we had a special guest teacher that is a rock star in the quilt world — Iris, the inventor of Misty Fuse!

I love fusing! It was actually fusing that got me into quilting, as I’d heard that you could make beautiful art quilts and not have to sew. The not-sewing illusion was broken part way through my first class, but I was already hooked!

Iris developed Misty Fuse in conjunction with quilter Esterita Austin. They wanted a product that would fuse to very light fabrics, be environmentally sound, not darken fabric, and — of course — worked extremely well. Misty Fuse is the result.

If you’ve been using a product such as Steam a Seam, you will be surprised to see that Misty Fuse is not sold with any paper. It looks like a fine interfacing. Instead, you use teflon pressing sheets on the side that doesn’t have any fabric. The heating process is quick and Iris recommends that you slide your iron to adhere the Misty Fuse.

As I said, Misty Fuse has several advantages over its competitors. The biggest, I think, is that it doesn’t change the hand of the fabric. As a longarmer, I have difficulty quilting when I have several fabrics fused on top of each other, especially when the fusible web is also stiff.

Check out their website if you’d like to learn more about Misty Fuse.


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