Not exactly the Thanksgiving I’d planned …


It’s been a long time since we’ve had really bad colds in our household, but we made up with it this past week. It started with my husband about 10 days ago. By Wednesday, my daughter and I were getting sick. By Thursday, my daughter and I were referring to this Thanksgiving as “The Thanksgiving Dad Tried to Kill Us With His Germs.”  That was too much to say, so it became “The Thanksgiving Plague.”

This is how bad it was … I could not quilt. Seriously. Looking down at my sewing machine or my longarm hurt, because my sinuses were congested and it made me cough. So I’ve spent the last few days watching Christmas movies on the DVR and going through boxes and boxes of tissues.

A couple of people have been encouraging me to include more information about my non-quilting life in my blog posts. I was going to include a photo of the stacks of used tissues in our trashcans, but thought that might be a little too much information.

I will be back blogging in a couple of days, when my body is feeling a bit better. Apparently the “Thanksgiving Plague” is not the kind of thing you recover from in a day or two.


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