Superstorm Sandy Floods My Local Quilt Shop


By now most of you know that I am from Long Island and that much of our region was devastated by the Superstorm Sandy. I spent some time yesterday in the doctor’s office waiting room and met people who’d been without power for 2 weeks, and others whose family members had lost everything. On Monday, my next-door neighbor finally had the tree removed from his roof, and the repair crews were there today.

One of the casualties of the storm is my local quilt shop — Pieceful Quilting — which was located in the town next to mine. The owner — Angie Veck — was attending Quilt Market in Houston when the storm hit. Unfortunately she had commitments throughout the convention and was unable to get back to Long Island early (something that I, thankfully, was able to arrange). From her hotel room, she saw images of her store under water. Worse yet, she has not been able to collect any insurance for the damages.

Losing a local quilt store is a tragedy, because it is also the center of a vibrant community of quilters. Many of her customers (including me) were extremely sad at the thought of losing this business, because it meant losing a chunk of our social life. I am extremely happy to report that Angie is relocating, that the carpets are going into the new space tomorrow, and that we will soon be able to visit her new store in a nearby town (Calverton, New York).

You can read more about Angela Veck and her decision to rebuild. I’m excited to see the new store and I wish Angie and her wonderful staff well as they prepare a new home for local quilters!

Pieceful Quilting Before the Storm

Pieceful Quilting after Hurricane Sandy


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