Color Theory for Quilters: The Meaning of Color


Most of us have some sense of the meaning behind certain colors. Wearing a navy suit, for example, denotes power. We know that purple is the color of royalty. And we intuitively know that a child’s bedroom should be not be painted red if we want them to calm down and go to sleep.

These same principles can be applied to our quilts. We can use color strategically to create a mood with our designs. Here’s a great article about the psychological affects of color. It is interesting that each color has both positive and negative psychological connotations.

Looking at article above, I can see how one could get overwhelmed in choosing a color. Remember that no one from the Quilt Police: Color Division is going to show up at your house and critique your choice. The purpose of this series of articles is to increase our knowledge of color theory and expand our color selections in quilts. Knowing about the meaning of color is just one way we can do that.

This video describes the surprising historical origins of some colors. If you’ve ever wondered why barns are painted red, take a look!


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