My First Quilt Market: Part 5 — How Do You Quilt Those Samples?


One of my great pleasures at Quilt Market — the everything-you-could-ever-need-for-quilting trade show held in October in Houston — was looking at the sample quilts. Every booth that sold patterns had gorgeous sample quilts, because vendors know that buyers — just like regular customers in quilt shops — buy what they can see (and probably touch). I was expecting to see some amazing quilting on these samples. And I was surprised to find just the opposite!

I have to admit that 99 percent of the samples were quilted very simply, usually with just a large stipple. I talked to Laurie Tigner — a longarmer and amazing pattern designer — about the simplicity of the quilting. She told me that her customers want to see simple quilting — such as an easy allover meander — otherwise they feel that the patterns are too complicated for them. She actually re-quilted her samples using with easy stippling, just so customers would not feel intimidated!

You can see more of Laurie Tigner’s quilts at Laurie Tigner Designs.

Laurie Tigner shows her “Pumpkin Patch” pattern sample



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