Book Review: “Bright and Bold Cozy Modern Quilts” by Kim Schaefer


This book contains 20 projects – mostly quilts with a few table runners – that are made entirely of squares and rectangles. Most of the projects use only one or two blocks. The instructions are very clear and all the piecing directions are shown in color.  I think it would be very easy for a beginner to use this book and make some fantastic quilts.

I will say that the quilts shown blend beautifully with the modern quilt movement, but could just as easily be made with more traditional fabrics. The projects are also very stash friendly, which is always a bonus.

The subtitle of this book is “20 Projects, Easy Piecing, Stash Busting.” I think that Schaefer delivers. I also think most of the designs are very visually appealing. I would highly recommend this book to beginning quilters, or to more advanced quilters that want some quick and easy designs.

This book is available from and many other bookstores.


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