Long Island Update and Relief Quilts for Hurricane Sandy


Lindenhurst (Long Island) resident surveys damage to his home. (Photo credit: NY Daily News)

By now, most of you know that I live on Long Island. Although there’s some movement to re-name us “Strong Island” in response to the storm, there is no hiding the devastation. As I write this, 200,000 of our 1.1 million households are still without power — one week after the storm. Our local quilt shop was under 2 feet of water and needs to either gut the building or relocate. My next-door neighbors still have a tree falling into their roof.

The gasoline shortage is a tremendous problem. Gas stations lack gasoline and/or the power to pump it. Lineups are at least a mile long. People cannot get gasoline for their cars or their generators. Our evening temperatures are now freezing, so heat is important.

I went to the grocery store yesterday. While they still had some food, there were giant holes on the shelves. This is shocking for those of us who are used to living in the land of plenty.

To make matters worse, a nor-easter is predicted to arrive tomorrow, with it’s 50 to 80 mph winds and driving rains.

Quilters are generous people. I am so happy that eQuilter is spearheading a drive to collect quilts for families that now have nothing. I have had several emails asking about quilt donations. Here’s how you can donate quilts to Hurricane Sandy victims.

Thank you.


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  1. Hi, there,
    I am so sorry for the extraordinary ordeal you and your neighbors on Long Island have endured. I just wanted to let you know that, along with the equilter relief quilt efforts, there are several others collecting and distributing quilts to Hurricane Sandy victims. I’ve listed them on my blog, at http://gefiltequilt.blogspot.com/2012/11/sew-something-helpful-hurricane-relief.html. Feel free to use the information as needed. With best wishes and prayers.

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