Book Review — Quilting Modern: Techniques and Projects for Improvisational Quilts


Authors Jaquie Gering and Katie Pedersen sum up the book on page 7: We wrote this book to share our designs for quilts with a modern aesthetic and our enthusiasm for improvisational quilting techniques. They do a fantastic job delivering on both design and techniques.

I love their “formula” for improvising. The authors suggest that you learn the rules of traditional quilting, accept yourself as an artist, be willing to recognize happy accidents, and move on when something fails.

The section on tools and materials contains much more than rotary cutters and seam rippers. They recommend marking tools, sketch books, a design wall, and painters tape. They also talk about how to create a stash. Another excellent section covers the basics of sewing and pressing. This is followed by a great explanation of color theory and the principles of design. There is a lot packed into the first 30 pages of “Quilting Modern.”

Yes there is more.

Chapter 2 covers finishing touches — backing, quilting, and binding. Included are 8 suggested methods for quilting modern quilts, all which are doable on a domestic sewing machine.

Chapter 3 covers “Free Piecing,” which they describe as “a cycle of auditioning, cutting, sewing and reviewing” and is the “how to” for making improvisational quilts.

The final part of the book are the quilt projects. Each quilt is very different, and the authors continue to focus on the improvisational process.

This is an excellent book on creating improvisational quilts. The book contains a lot of information on design and construction, as well as directions on how to grow as a quilt artist. So far this is the best book on modern quilting that I’ve come across.

Quilting Modern is available from and other retailers.


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