My First Quilt Market — Part 1: The Hotel


Hilton Americas-Houston Hotel

Quilt Market is a large trade show, composed of more than 1,100 exhibitors and approximately 3,000 buyers in the quilt industry. It is held every fall in Houston, Texas. I made the decision to attend Quilt Market less than 2 weeks before it started. Being a big researcher (and blog reader), I was looking for information that would help newbies, like myself, navigate this huge show. I didn’t find very much. So I’m going to devote several future blog posts to my Quilt Market experience. Plus I conducted some great interviews and have some pretty cool behind-the-scenes footage to share with y’all (that means “everyone” in Texas talk!).

As most of you already know, my plans were interrupted by Hurricane Sandy. I’d planned to spend all three days (Saturday through Monday) attending the show. Because I took an earlier flight back to Long Island, my only day on the show floor was on Saturday. An additional problem is that my luggage is still in Baltimore, so I don’t have any of my notes. So I’ll start my commentary with something I do remember — the hotel!

The  Hilton Americas-Houston is the only hotel that is connected to the the George R. Brown Convention Center. There are sky bridges on both the 2nd and 3rd floor. This made getting to the convention center extremely convenient.

The hotel was immaculate and the rooms were very nice. Dinner service on Thursday night was extremely slow, despite the fact they had more wait staff than patrons. I was there 90 minutes. It turns out that they had somehow lost my credit card and had to retrieve it at security, but that was just one of the delays. Generously, they did not charge me for that meal. I ate at the same restaurant on Friday and Saturday nights; service was much faster and the food was good. There was a buffet reasonably priced at around $16. I am gluten-free, so ordered from the menu. I was happy to see that they had identified gluten-free choices.

The room cost $222 per night, including tax. This cost did not include internet. There was an additional $19 charge, per night, for parking. (People at the convention told me that the shuttle service from other hotels is extremely good, which — in my experience — is not always the case at conventions. This means that nearby hotels offer a more affordable option for accommodation.)

The left side of our room.

You can’t forget the bathroom!



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