Horrible Halloween Quilt — Part 2


When we left off yesterday, I had made a pretty ugly convergence quilt. To try and fix my problems — and just for fun — I decided to add an image to the front of the quilt.

I did this by downloading a skeleton cartoon (similar to the one on the left) from Google Images. I made a few modifications, then had the image blown up to 36″ x 42″ at the copy shop. Next, I traced the image — using a sharpie — onto Golden Threads  paper. I then pinned the images to the quilt top on my longarm.

I love using Golden Threads paper. I use it frequently to transfer designs onto quilts. In the past, however, I’d only transferred a simple, single line design. This time I decided I would thread paint over top of the paper.

As you can see, the thread painting basically just munched up the paper and made it get caught in the threads. The more I tried going over an area with thread, the more embedded the paper became. It soon became clear that the variegated thread was lost in the bits of paper, and that there was no way of removing the paper from the thread.

Once I had completed the project, I decided that perhaps running the quilt through the washing machine would remove the bits of paper. Not a chance. However I did learn why we bind quilts before we put them in the washing machine — I had strings of batting all over the place.

You can see the “completed” quilt below. The paper is still embedded in the design, so the thread painting was pretty ineffective. Overall the quilt doesn’t work. I decided that it was not even worth binding.

Personally, I think we grow as quilters by trying new things. Some are successful; some are not. This was clearly in the “not” category, but I did learn quite a bit and I doubt I’ll make the same design decisions again!



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  1. Love seeing your process! Yes, it is true, not everything we try is successful, but that is how we grow! I am trying to complete a quilt I tried, but I really do not like it. My friends that have seen it love it, but it is not a method or look I will try again. I love your concept, I did a Convergence quilt a couple of years ago, need to revisit!

    • It was very freeing when somebody told me that “not every quilt needs to be finished.” Yes, I have thrown out quilt tops. I will likely throw out this one (unless I keep it in my “what not to do” sample box for teaching purposes). Another option is to give the quilt top to a friend who likes it and move on to a project you enjoy. Good luck!

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