Feathered Christmas Tree Wall Hanging


Feathered Christmas Tree pattern

The holiday season is fast approaching. I saw this pattern in our local quilt shop and loved it! It is contemporary and fun. I made it over the weekend as a break from updating my business website. It was fairly quick to do and a welcome change from sitting in front of the computer.

The pattern calls for two different red fabrics. I simplified it by using just one fabric — and I love the effect.

I have one piece of advice. Make sure that you sew the inner border with perfect 1/4″ seams. If your seams are a little on the large side — and mine clearly were — you end up with borders that don’t fit well.  Have a look at the photo below and you’ll see that my quilt top does not lie flat. That’s because my generous 1/4″ seams made the checkered inner border too small. I’m confident that I can handle fix this with some high-loft batting and careful longarming, but it was caused by sloppy piecing on my part. However, as I said earlier, the purpose of this quilting was to give myself a fun break — so I was more concerned with enjoying the process than measuring.

This pattern is available at:


(If you can’t see the photo, please visit my blog at quiltnotes.wordpress.com)

Feathered Christmas Tree (in green)


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