What makes a quilt a winner?


As you look at prize-winning quilts, do you ever wonder why one quilt receives a blue ribbon and another doesn’t place? Basically quilts are evaluated based on design, workmanship and presentation — with bonus points for that elusive “wow” factor. In the Youtube video below you’ll hear Lorry Chwazik, a National Quilt Association certified judge, explain how judges select winning quilts.


Now it’s time to practice what you’ve learned. The Quilting With Machines show in Huron, Ohio ended yesterday. Their winners are shown on the website (please scroll down to see them). Take a look at these winning quilts and try to identify the elements of a winning quilt. Are they well-designed? How is the use of color? Do they invoke emotion? Looking at quilts through a judge’s eyes is a great way to get more out of a quilt show, as well as to learn how to improve your own quilts.



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