Color Theory for Quilters: Black and White and Grey All Over


On Tuesday, I mentioned that I was taking a color theory course. Our first assignment was to create a 12″ quilt using black, white and grey fabrics. The quilt had to contain at least eight different fabrics, as well as a pop of color. The teacher challenged us to experiment and use techniques that were new to us.

I had created a large black and white quilt last year, so I had a substantial number of scraps left over. Being a natural overachiever, I took advantage of these leftovers, cut the scraps into 64 two-inch squares, and arranged them from dark to light. My goal was to create a darker frame with a lighter center. I used two birds as focal points. I did a bunch of free motion stitching that was supposed to look like a tree (left side) with leaves, and then as water and clouds. I was somewhat successful. For the required pop of color, I added red stitching around the binding.

It is very easy to sew tiny squares into a quilt. I used fusible interfacing and marked 2″ squares using my ruler. I then arranged the squares on the fusible interfacing and ironed them on. This blog shows a great step-by-step demo of the process:

(If you can’t see the photo, please check out my blog at

Final project


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