College Tshirt Quilt


Exactly a month ago, my eldest child left for college about 400 miles away. We’ve heard very little from him over the past month, other than a quick call after visits to the health center, where they are treating him for mononucleosis that showed up on his third day at school. (I feel that this is cosmic payback for the last 25 years, during which my husband calls his mother twice a year and leaves the communication to me!)

As with most quilters, I wanted to make my son a Tshirt quilt for college. I wanted it to reflect both his past and his future, so I purchased three new Tshirts for the quilt. Since my son is into the Asian culture, I used a sashing/border fabric that pictured good luck Chinese lanterns. I used a soft flannel backing and a high-loft polyester batting.

Why polyester batting? My friends with college-aged kids had warned me that there is a lot of partying going on and quilts need to be easily washable.  From the limited comments we’ve heard from our son, I now  believe this to be good advice.

I always felt that the reason to make a Tshirt quilt was to comfort your child with a quilt showing their past. But my son pointed out a much better reason to make your child a Tshirt quilt — it is a fabulous conversation starter in the dorm. New friends would drop by his room and ask questions about the quilt, or comment about TV shows or destinations that they had in common.

College dorm beds are extra-long and narrow. This quilt is 84″ long and about 48″ wide. It didn’t fit on my design walls, so the photographs were taken with it on the floor.

View from top of quilt




























View from bottom of the quilt



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