Craftsy Class Review: Machine Quilting Negative Space by Angela Walters


I took a live class from Angela Walters at the Machine Quilter’s Expo this spring. She was a wonderful teacher — fun, engaging, and clearly talented. I was thrilled to see that she offered a class on Craftsy. (For those of you unfamiliar with Craftsy, it offers 3 to 4 hour online classes in quilting and other arts, reasonably priced for $39!)

Angela Walters is known for quilting modern quilts, which are challenging because they have a great deal of quilting. Angela begins the class by defining negative space, and then sketches many designs. As the class progresses, she shows you how to combine and re-size the designs to create a lot of different quilting effects. Once the sketching is complete, she moves on to the longarm machine and shows how to stitch each pattern. You can make the project yourself by following class directions, or by purchasing an (optional) pre-printed panel from Spoonflower.

The most impressive thing is that Angela quilts with only one hand on the longarm machine. Seriously. I’ve taken a lot of classes from national teachers, and I have never seen someone consistently quilt with just one hand.

I learned a lot from this class. Although I believe that free motion quilting is much easier with a longarm, the information is totally applicable to a domestic sewing machine. She covers both in the class. She has a sweet, relaxed attitude that makes it look easy. I was able to immediately create the free motion designs she taught when I went back to my longarm machine. The class was totally worthwhile and I would highly recommend it.

For a list of Craftsy quilting classes, check out the link below. Machine Quilting Negative Space is about half-way down the page.


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