eQuilter Fabric Warehouse Tour


I think, at some point in their lives, most girls dream about moving into Cinderella’s castle in Disneyland. Not me. I would move into a quilt fabric warehouse and never come out. I’d fashion myself a mattress out of quilt batting, make myself bedding from the finest quilters’ cotton, and sleep on a cutting table. I’d read their magazines and audition threads. It would be a great life.

I think that eQuilter operates the warehouse I would most like to live in. The Youtube video below provides a tour. After shopping in warehouses in New York’s garment district, I had expected all fabric warehouses to require a hunt for fabric. Clearly I was wrong. The inside of eQuilter’s warehouse looks exactly like many of the quilt shops I’ve visited.


Over the years, eQuilter has given more than $1,000,000 to charity. I found it interesting what causes they support and how decisions are made.


Please know that I have no relationship with eQuilter, other than being a happy customer. eQuilter’s website is http://equilter.com/


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