Gerber Daisy Wall Hanging


One of the quilters I admire most is my friend Vicki. She probably makes a half-dozen or so small quilts each year, but she challenges herself to learn something on each quilt. This summer she endeavored to make a quilt using the techniques in Jan Krentz’s book, “Diamond Quilts and Beyond.”

This quilt was for her friend Karen, as a thank you for some special help that Karen had provided. Vicki didn’t know a whole lot about Karen, but she did know that Karen loved to garden and that her garden contained Gerber daisies. That became the focus of the quilt, as Vicki matched fabric for five gorgeous Gerber daisies.

As the quilt progressed, Vicki also incorporated ferns, wisteria and hummingbirds into the quilt. It was interesting to hear about the progress … one day Vicki would just realize that one of these items was necessary for the quilting. As often happens in quilting, the quilt was speaking to her!

Here’s the interesting part. You can see that the quilt is spectacular. It also turned out that Karen’s garden contained ferns and wisteria — and had hummingbirds as frequent visitors — so Vicki had intuitively uncovered the elements of the quilt. But Vicki took it one step further. As she researched the significance of the various Gerber daisies and other parts of the quiltt, she learned that each held a special significance in Karen’s life. Vicki ended up making a large label for the back of the quilt, detailing the importance of each element. In the end, the quilt was a significant, meaningful and beautiful gift. I’m so excited to share it with you!

You can see a detailed description of how the quilt was designed at:

You can learn more about Jan Krentz at:

(If you cannot see the photos, please check out my blog at

Completed Gerber Daisy Wall Hanging (38″ x 36″)

Details of quilted ferns

Detail of quilted hummingbirds


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