Mitered Corners the Hard Way


Every once in a while I come across a quilting skill that I’ve somehow avoided learning. A few weeks ago, it was mitered corners. But I had a quilt with a great funky striped border and I just knew that it was time to learn.

There is an easy and a hard way to do mitered corners. The hard way is to sew on the borders to 1/4″ from the end of side. Then try and handle the fabric (not easy, trust me) and mark the 45 degree lines with a ruler. Sew the adjoining two border fabrics together along the 45 degree angle. Then try to cut the fabric without hacking it into little pieces. This was the method I used and it turned out pretty well, especially considering that the stripes were not completely even.

Mitered Corners

About half-way through the process, it dawned on me that there was likely an easier way to do mitered corners. I was right. The easy way involves pre-cutting the border ends at 45 degree angles and THEN sewing them on. This would be the method I’d recommend. You can learn all about this method at the youtube link below.

Both methods get the job done. And I have to say that a mitered border gives a quilt a wonderful, finished look.


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