Summer’s Over (Big Sigh)


It’s always strange to me that — despite the fact I’ve been out of college for 3 decades — I still feel like a kid when it comes to the calendar. Summer gives me a feeling of freedom. However, come Labor Day, it feels like time to buckle down and get serious again.

Like most summers, this one was too short. Part of it was spent in a pain-induced haze as I managed to flare up a neck injury during a road trip. (Thankfully I am doing much better.) My oldest child turned 18 and we surprised him with a great party. He also headed off to college — 400 miles away — on August 24th, leaving me with a broken heart and a big vacuum in our household that made me re-focus on goals beyond parenting and homeschooling. Three days after my son arrived at school he was diagnosed with mononucleosis, so I’m also learning how to worry about kids from afar.

My guilds start up this week and I’m looking forward to a great lineup of speakers, as well as my first year in a board position. I also have many new quilting projects to share with you — some that turned out well, and some that were … um … learning experiences.

For today, here’s some eye candy from last years Des Moines quilt show to enjoy with your morning coffee!


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