25th Anniversary of AIDS Quilt


This year marks the 25th anniversary of the AIDS quilt. The first panel was made in 1985. The quilt was first displayed in 1987 and now contains 94,000 names on 48,000 panels.

While I’m not sure that this “quilt” meets the strict definition of a quilt — top, batting and bottom — you cannot argue with its spirit. Here is a way that non-quilters have worked to memorialize loved ones who have died from this terrible disease. These blocks capture intense emotion and show the individuality of each AIDS victim. I can only imagine that creating these blocks played a role in healing the family and friends involved in the process. I can also only imagine the profound emotions that would arise from viewing the quilt.

The AIDS quilt is on display in Washington DC this summer. In order for the public to view the entire quilt, panels will be rotated at 50 locations over 31 days. You can learn about its locations at:


You can now view a digital map of the quilt online at:


You can view photos of the AIDS quilt display at:





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